Wednesday, February 23, 2011

27 dresses???

I have been a bridesmaid for several weddings - think Katherine Heigl in that movie 27 Dresses. Some of the dresses have been amazing and some, well, not so amazing. Looking for an alternative to that dreadful bridesmaid dress decision??? Look no are a few ideas for you!

KH's closet in 27 Dresses
  • Have your bridesmaids been in LOTS of other weddings? Let them reuse a dress and go for a multicolored bridal party look. Owning a dress that you only wear once is totally not eco-friendly.
  • Black is such an amazing color on everyone. Let your girls pick out their own little black dress (try to go with a similar fabric, like satin or silk). They will pick one that fits their body type and budget and they will definitely wear them again and again...even if it's not made out of organic cotton. :)  Plus black looks pretty awesome in wedding photos!

Mr. and Ms. HVG and the wedding crew - take a look at how the black dresses look great on all!
  • If you are dead set on having a style- or color-coordinated wedding party, how about one of these super cool and casual dresses from Patagonia? Patagonia is a forward thinking, eco-conscious company that has so many environmental initiatives that I can't even begin to describe them fully - check out their green ways here. Order online or visit one of their stores (two are located in NYC).

How about this super cute dress? Perfect for a casual beach or backyard wedding (the dress in black has a more formal look to it)...
Patagonia's Morning Glory Dress in Coral (other colors available such as black...)

Or this Bandha dress? Wayyyy cute.
Patagonia's Bandha Dress (available in multiple colors)
Ohh, I forgot to mention the best part - these dresses are right around $80 and are so great for travel (with their wrinkle resistant fabric), your girls will be so thankful! Check out Patagonia's website for other great dress options.

Happy Planning,

**A shout-out to Rachel, a dear friend of mine, who selected the Morning Glory dress for her girls....we all looked fabulous in the dress AND wear them all the time. Double yay!

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  1. This is a great idea! I am loving that last dress - the Bandha!