Friday, February 18, 2011

Let the Tree Hug You

Searching for the perfect wedding ring is so exciting but trying to find eco-friendly jewelry can be frustrating....

(c) Simply Wood Rings
Until now!!! I stumbled across the Simply Wood Rings website last week and I fell in LOVE. The artists at Simply Wood Rings are incredibly talented. The rings, from simple wedding bands to engagement rings fitted with stones, are so unique and breathtaking.

So let's get down to business....What about Simply Wood Rings is so eco-friendly?

The artists use wood from unconventional sources, such as the neck of a violin, so the raw material for the ring is reused. PLUS, the Chicago-based shop is solar powered.

Oh, so you want a custom ring you say? No worries! Simply Wood Rings will create a ring from a portion of wood you provide (there are certain specifications such as size for this). Imagine - you could create a wedding band from an heirloom furniture piece or from your lucky baseball bat used in Little League! Perhaps your favorite childhood climbing tree has fallen - cut a small section of the tree and make a ring out of it. How cool!

The rings are reasonably priced, right around $300 for each, so this green option won't break the bank.

And although I already have an engagement ring AND a wedding ring, I totally want one of these. :)

(c) Simply Wood Rings

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  1. Wow - I love this idea of repurposing old items and the rings are absolutely beautiful.