Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Planning an event takes knowledge, creativity, organization, and time.....lots of time. Planning an event and attempting to incorporate varying aspects of environmental stewardship requires even more ingenuity and effort.

"Going green" in event planning does not have to be an "all or nothing" proposition. Eco-friendly practices can be cost prohibitive; however, by carefully selecting one or two aspects of the event, whether it be the centerpieces, favors, or even the mode of transportation, small modifications to the traditional train of thought can make a substantial difference.

A Little About Me & How HVG Came to Be.....

I hold a degree in environmental and forest biology and am currently working towards a masters in the same field. By working at an environmental consulting firm based in Manhattan, I have been able to fully utilize my education and further advance my skills as an env. scientist for the Hazardous Materials and Natural Resources departments.

The work I do is fairly technical..analyzing groundwater, soil, and air sample laboratory results, writing lots of reports following strict protocols put out by federal and state regulatory agencies, conducting habitat assessments, wearing a hardhat and working with LOTS of construction workers. My schooling and my career don't have much room for really creative thinking......

Last year, I became slightly frustrated with this lack of creativity and confided to my mother that perhaps I wanted to give event planning a go. My very sobering mother replied "Well, but you don't know anything about event planning."

And she's right. But what I do know about is environmentally friendly practices. And I know a few things about wedding planning since I've planned my own in less than 7 months. And so my mom, being such a smarty pants, suggested I start a blog.

And she was right about that, too. So with a little encouragement from mom and friends, Hudson Valley Green was started. 

While planning my own wedding, I was frustrated with the lack of truly informative blogs/websites that specialized in green event planning. Just because something says "green" doesn't mean it really is. Organically grown roses from South America are "green" but transporting them to New York isn't.

Due to some time and financial constraints (my parents gave us a beautiful, not to mention generous, wedding but I didn't want to really break the bank), I carefully selected some aspects of the wedding that were green in practice and ended up costing less money (double yay!!).  This process took time, creativity, and a little elbow grease. More on this to come later.

I'm hoping this blog becomes a one-stop resource for all your event planning needs. Much of the information I will provide will be based in the metro-NYC area and in the Hudson Valley. Those of you who live outside this vicinity will hopefully glean some great info and ideas as well!

Happy Planning,

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