Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Good Cup o' Joe...

If you're a java addict and need some ideas for a coffee themed wedding, you've come to the right place!

Growing coffee is notoriously hard on the environment - from the rainforest land that's cleared to make room for the plantations to the harsh pesticides used to grow it. When your budget allows (organic coffee is typically more expensive that traditional coffee), choose organic. Look for labels like "organic", "shade grown", "bird friendly", or "fair trade" to know exactly how eco-friendly the coffee is.

 Use organic coffee for....
  • Wedding/bridal shower favors;
  • Bridal party gifts (both the guys and girls in your bridal party will love this); or
  • To serve at the event whether it be the shower, rehearsal dinner, or the reception.

Check out Irving Farm Coffee. Based right here in the Hudson Valley, Irving Farm Coffee is doing it right - using organic, fair-trade, rainforest friendly coffees and roasting them right in our backyard in Millerton. With several different blends of organic and sustainable coffees that are delicious, you're bound to find one that fits your taste buds. (And, no, Irving Farm is not paying me to say this but they did send me some samples - yum!!)

Irving Farm Coffee is available in 1lb (perfect for gifts) or 5lb bags. Make your own favors by placing a small amount of coffee in individual clear/paper bags, like these ones from Nashville Wraps, tie with rafia or ribbon and place a label or tag on it that includes the type of coffee and it's eco-friendly properties. You could even use them as your seating cards.

Don't want to spend the time tying all of those little coffee bags? How about this idea....

(c) Beauty and Bedlam
Create your own coffee bar (similar to this one posted at Beauty and Bedlam). Fill some apothecary jars with the coffees of your choice. Create some great labels for each and let your guests fill their own bags. Use rafia, ribbon, or clothespins to secure.

So easy, so pretty and so different! Not too mention that your guests will be so pleased that they have a favor that they can drink (and remind them to compost the grinds)! Plus, you get to drink the leftovers......

Happy Planning,


  1. Couldn't have said it better! Come visit us in NYC when you have a chance!

  2. This is a great idea! A good way to start the morning after !