Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making Memories with Mason Jars

What is it about mason jars that makes them so amazing? Even though I don't know how to can/pickle produce, I can't stop myself from collecting mason jars. I use them for storage (tea, rice, random buttons), candle holders, adult beverage containers, name it. My hope is that one day I will learn to can with some help from my great friend Rachel (visit Rachel at Great Faith in a Seed for more info on preserving/preparing the goods from your garden...she's a fantastic gardener/novice chef with a flair for self-sufficiency and sustainability).

Incorporating mason jars into your wedding adds a fantastically rustic touch to your event. Mason jars are charming and can be used long after your special day has come and gone. Maybe you have a bunch stored in your basement...slim down your wedding budget by using what you have instead of buying new. Here are a few ideas on how to put those old mason jars to good use: 

...great for corralling those beautiful (and organically grown) flowers 

(c) BravoBride
Rustic yet elegant!

A-Mason' Centerpieces :  wedding decor reception Inspire
(c) Engageology

Photo Holders
...perfect for displaying photos of family and friends 

Couldn't find the original source for this one. 


...hold those sweet treats for your guest in pint mason jars

(c) Modern Vintage

DIY Striking Match Jars
(c) My Chic Life

Need some other mason jar inspiration? Be sure to visit Chandra at Oh Lovely Day. 

If the idea of buying cases of mason jars doesn't appeal to you but you want a "mason jar" look, how about this? Have family and friends save their glass pasta sauce and jam jars instead of throwing them in the recycle bin. Wrap canvas, lace, jute twine, or spray paint the jars to color coordinate to your liking - super easy DIY centerpiece for the eco-conscious (and budget-conscious) bride. 

lace wrapped mason jars = pure perfection

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Liz! I'm no chef, but I do love a good Mason jar. Other ideas for Mason jars at events - Fill them with sand or rocks to hold open doors, or prop up table-top signs.

  2. i love love these ideas...
    shucks! i wish my hubby and I
    could get married again so
    we could do this..:)
    great idea! love your site!

  3. I went to an outdoor, country-type wedding this summer that had mason jar centerpieces half-filled with bird seed and a tea light on top. It was such a great use of the jars and really fit with the look they were going for.

  4. I love the bird seed idea! Thanks for sharing it!
    - Lizzie