Monday, April 9, 2012

Hats off to Method!

Disclaimer: this post does not directly involve aspects of planning eco-friendly weddings in the Hudson Valley but I just thought I had to share this. 

I recently read a quick interview with Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, founders of Method home-care products, in a recent issue of Elle Decor. If you are not familiar with Method products, they are truly amazing. Without using harsh chemicals (and by using plant-based, sustainable ingredients), Lowry and Ryan have produced cleaning products that are safe for you, your kids, and your pets AND they work! 

Method has now partnered with several beach cleanup organizations to collect and recycle discarded plastic that ends up on our shorelines into new containers for their products (read about the plastic that ends up in our oceans here). How's that for innovative??!! 

Hats off to Lowry and Ryan for being clever and creative! 

And if I have to put some wedding planning spin on this post, how about only using Method products to clean up that giant bridal shower you just hosted or the post-party chaos from your backyard BBQ wedding? 

Happy Planning, 

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