Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pure Mountain Olive Oil

Is there anything better than dipping some warm, crusty bread into an amazing olive oil, full of depth and flavor? Hmmm, I think when Jacqueline Maisonet of Pure Mountain Olive Oil reached out   to Hudson Valley Green, I jumped at the opportunity to take a little trip up to their store in Rhinebeck, NY.

(c) Hudson Valley Green
Pure Mountain's Rhinebeck Location

Pure Mountain Olive Oil specializes in the most amazing olive oils and balsamic vinegars that I have ever tasted. And that's the goal of founders (and cousins), Zak Cassady-Dorion and Charlie Ruehr: to provide the freshest, most delicious oils and vinegars to truly enhance your cuisine.

With two brick-and-mortar stores in Rhinebeck (Dutchess Co.) and Tarrytown (Westchester Co.), Pure Mountain is enlivening food with the best oils and vinegars that Zak and Charlie can find.  Pure Mountain's products are sure to complement the locally-raised meats, locally-made breads and cheeses, and locally grown-produce of the Hudson Valley!

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From the most fragrant (and delectable) basil-infused olive oil to the fig balsamic vinegar to a variety of sea salts, you will find something that ignites your inner chef.  After tasting just one balsamic vinegar at Pure Mountain, I immediately realized that I had been cooking with really crappy vinegar. A good balsamic should be earthy, viscous, and basically, amazing.  It was like my taste buds gave me a swift kick to the head.  

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I've been to my fair share of bridal showers (including my own!) where the bride-to-be receives literally mountains of presents.  So many of these gifts end up stored away in some back closet never again to see the light of day.  

And because I love a good consumable gift (a gift that one can eat or drink, a gift that doesn't end up in the "donate" pile or in a landfill, a gift that doesn't require any dusting as it sits on a shelf), I truly believe that receiving a basket full of great oils and vinegars would make a perfect gift for that couple who loves to cook (and eat!). 

(c) Hudson Valley Green

The oils and vinegars are bottled in 375ml glass bottles and are generally priced at $17.95.  Smaller bottles of limited varieties are available in 60ml bottles and are $6 each.  During the holiday season, Pure Mountain offered six 60ml bottles for $30.  The small bottles made great stocking stuffers for the great cooks in our family. 

The small 60ml bottles would make great (albeit a bit pricey) event favors or gifts for your out-of-town guests.  And although shipping balsamic vinegar from Italy isn't the most eco-friendly thing, supporting our local businesses is (and since the oils and vinegars are in glass bottles, they can be reused or recycled!).

Pure Mountain Oil Olive has also started to do at-home tasting parties (similar to Tastefully Simple or Pampered Chef parties) to allow you and your guests to taste their products.

(c) Hudson Valley Green

As I tasted practically every oil and vinegar in the Pure Mountain shop, owner Zak gave me a personal crash-course on the oil and vinegar making processes.  In addition, Zak gave Hudson Valley Green a gift certificate to give away to one lucky HVG reader!!! More on that to come in the next blog post! 

If you love to cook (or know someone who does), be sure to hop into the Pure Mountain Olive Oil shop in Rhinebeck or Tarrytown and tell them Lizzie from Hudson Valley Green sent you!

...Or just visit their website to check out their products for purchase online!

Rhinebeck Location
23 East Market Street
 Rhinebeck, New York
phone: 845-876-4645

Tarrytown Location
11 North Broadway
Tarrytown, New York
phone: 914-418-5453

Be sure to visit HVG in the next few days for the Pure Mountain Olive Oil gift certificate giveaway!

Happy Planning (and eating!), 

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