Thursday, April 25, 2013

Behind the Veil: Brides and Their Dresses

Few things in life are more beautiful than a bride in her dress...whether it's hippy and bohemian to big and pouffy, a wedding dress is truly a work of art. To celebrate the wedding dress, the American Textile History Museum (a must-visit if you are super creative and love to sew*) will explore the fashions and trends of these great gowns over the past 100 years in their upcoming exhibit "Behind the Veil: Brides and Their Dresses". 

The "Behind the Veil" exhibit is running now through August 11th, 2013 and will feature the amazing Lori Del Genis of Conscious Elegance.  Lori will discuss sustainable wedding attire and how she creates masterpieces using reclaimed fabrics from castaway dresses on Saturday, May 4th at the museum (learn more about Lori in this HVG post).

(c) Conscious Elegance

The American Textile History Museum is located in Lowell, Massachusetts (only about 3 hrs from the Hudson Valley!). For more information about the "Behind the Veil" exhibit, visit  

And if you are in the market for an eco-friendly wedding dress, please visit Conscious won't be disappointed! 

(c) Conscious Elegance

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Disclaimer: I'm not creative and I hate sewing (like "hate" with a capital H!!!)...but I know my mom, who painstakingly remade my grandmother's wedding gown for me, would absolutely love this museum. :)

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