Sunday, September 8, 2013

HVG's First Photo Shoot!

Hey there, happy September! Here in the Hudson River Valley, the nights are a bit chilly and the orchards are getting ready for the mayhem that accompanies the arrival of autumn. Pumpkin and apple picking...bring it on! 

In May I published a quick "sneak peak" blog post (check it out here) of Amber Johns of Amber J Photography.  Amber had contacted me via email and it was decided that we would do a swap - Amber would take photos of me for the HVG blog and I would do a dedicated blog post about her. 

Spoiler alert - this post contains several photos of yours truly!

In late July, Amber and I met at the historic home of Frederic Edwin Church of the famed Hudson River School of Painters in Hudson, New York. Amber brought her second shooter, Shelly, for a one-two punch of photographical awesomeness. 

(c) Hudson Valley Green
The face behind the HVG blog!

I must admit, I was incredibly nervous to participate in my very own photo shoot - especially since I was the only person in the photos and I am one of the least photogenic people out there. Cameras have decided that they are not my friend.  Thankfully I had my hair done by a professional but I did my own makeup (and nails) while parked in my car at a rest stop on the NYS Thruway. Yikes.

(c) Hudson Valley Green

I had absolutely nothing to worry about...I couldn't believe how much fun I had with Amber and Shelly. These two girls were incredibly professional and so amazing, not only with their cameras but also their personalities. They made me feel at ease and I could not stop laughing with them.  I honestly felt like we could become fast friends. 

If you are trying to select a great photographer, here's some advice: pick a photographer who has a great reputation and repeat customers, carefully review their photos, and make sure that you love their personality. There are so many photographers out there who take breath-taking photos. You'll want someone who takes a great photo AND has the ability to make everyone comfortable and laugh....that's priceless.

(c) Hudson Valley Green

I would have LOVED to have Amber and Shelly as my wedding photographers. Their ability to catch great moments with great lighting is fantastic and although Amber swears that she didn't use much Photoshop, I know her little secret. There's no way my teeth are that white in real life :)

For more information on Amber, please visit her website,, or her Facebook page. Amber offers three different wedding packages to fit your style and budget and trust me, you'll love her! 

Happy Planning, 

p.s. We'll feature more of Amber's work in an upcoming blog post so check back soon!

(c) Hudson Valley Green
Me and my fancy sun hat!

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