Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Officially an Officiant....

In June, one of my very best, oldest, and most beautiful friends (let's call her "A") is marrying the love of her life (let's call him "S"). They are having an intimate wedding just outside of Boston and have asked me to officiate the wedding. Needless to say, I am incredibly honored to be able to participate in their wedding on such a personal level. I discussed my enthusiasm and first steps of becoming an officiant in this blog post

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Tulips at the New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY

As it turns out, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts issues One Day Solemnization Authorization Certificates. This certificate allows me to marry my dear friend and her soon-to-be husband on a specific day and location. Any changes in the wedding date or location voids the certificate. 

Obtaining the certificate is almost too easy; just complete a simple online form and submit the form and a $20 payment online...and that's it. A few days later, I received a very official certificate in the mail, complete with a gold seal (!). 

I am currently in the throes of drafting the actual wedding ceremony. I want it to be simple yet personal, beautiful, and touching. There are several amazing ceremony templates online that I plan to use, tweak, and rewrite to make it my own. And of course, I am getting input from A and S to get their blessing on it. 

As for attire, I have purchased a tasteful slate grey dress (with pockets!!!) from Weddington Way. I plan to wear a cream shawl during the ceremony and some cool feather print shoes. Finding the perfect dress was tricky - I wanted something beautiful but didn't want the dress to compete with A's dress. I wanted to feel comfortable in it since I'll have 80 people staring in my direction. And the pockets are key...not sure if I'll be able to hold back tears during the ceremony and having a place to stash some tissues is crucial! 

More to come about my journey of planning a wedding ceremony so stay tuned...

Happy Planning, 

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