Sunday, June 4, 2017

Reading for the Week!

Hi! Hope you are enjoying the weekend. We spent this weekend exploring our area...Tilly Foster Farm in Brewster and Bowdoin Park in Wappingers. Really fun but this rain is getting a bit tiresome, no?

Some wedding reading for the week...enjoy! 

Tilly's Table is a new farm-to-table restaurant which just opened up at Tilly Foster Farm in Brewster. Can't wait to dine there soon. Not sure if the restaurant and grounds are open to private events but I'll be looking into it. More to come!

These engagement rings and wedding bands from Catbird, a Brooklyn-based jeweler, are so pretty and so unique. And they are made using ethically sourced materials and conflict-free stones. 

ThredUp, the biggest online thrift store, recently launched their online bridesmaid shop, The Mismatched 'Maid. So cool.

I just whipped up a batch of DIY aromatherapy shower tablets (think bath bombs but for showers). These would make great bridal shower easy and incredibly inexpensive to make yourself. 

Did you know you can get married at Bowdoin Park? Chapel and rustic lodge onsite, great views of the Hudson River, and close to lots of hotels. The icing on the (wedding) cake? Rental fees are $200/day for the chapel and $400 for the lodge. Can't beat it if you are thinking about a small wedding (max. 65 guests). 

Happy Planning, 

Photo Credit: Lizzie B., Hudson Valley the new Tilly's Table. 

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