Sunday, July 2, 2017

Reading for the Week!

Hi! Happy July 4th Holiday Weekend! I hope you all are celebrating with family and friends. We've got not one but two parties to attend! I've managed to sneak in a little "me time" and went to visit Dana at Jar Worthy, a little candle shop in Carmel. With Dana's help, I even created my own custom candle! More on Dana and her candles to come...look for a blog post soon! 

A few fun links from around the web...enjoy!

Just discovered the Theater at the University Settlement Camp in Beacon...if you are planning a wedding and are still searching for a venue, check this place out!

Love this story (a warning: it made me tear up, so if you're wearing mascara and sitting at your work desk, you may want to save this one for later).

For your next bachelorette party (or BBQ or beach picnic), forty-ounce rose՛.

This dress...for the petite bride-to-be who's also on a budget!

And for us married folks...a trick for keeping the spark alive.

Happy Planning, 

p.s. Jar Worthy is having a great sale...use promo code FIREWORKS from now until July 5th for 25% off of your entire order and free shipping on any order over $40....the Cilantro Lime and Coconut Magnolia candles smell delightful. :)

Photo Credit: Lizzie B., Hudson Valley Green

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