Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Reading for the Week!

Hi! My apologies for the late posting of this week's "Reading for the Week". The kiddos came down with a stomach bug that they then lovingly passed along to me. Hoping the rest of the week is virus-free!

Here are some fun links to get you through the week...enjoy! 

Havenly's favorite houseplants. I think all weddings should be decorated with potted plants. So pretty.

And check out this keeping with the potted plant theme. :)

Would you do a surprise wedding?

Just recently discovered the work of Joshua Brown
a very talented photographer based in the Hudson Valley. 

Jar Worthy is having a Christmas in July sale...30% off select items!
 Going to be stocking up on my new favorite soy candles. 

Happy Planning, 

Photo Credit: Lizzie B., Hudson Valley Ryder Farm in Brewster.

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