Saturday, June 25, 2011

Farm Fresh

The Hudson Valley is home to many truly verdant farms and orchards. Ryder Farm, nestled between estate-like homes of North Salem and Brewster, is no different. Today I had the great pleasure of meeting with Betsey Ryder, proprietor of Ryder Farm. Betsey was kind enough to take time out of her busy harvest day and led me on a tour of her working farm. 

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The Ryder Farm, a 120-acre operation, is a certified organic farm which specializes in vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The farm has a long history of serving the Hudson Valley. Founded in 1795 by Betsey's great, great, great grandfather, the Ryder Farm has sustained over two centuries of growing seasons.  Betsey is committed to sustainable agricultural practices and continues to support the next generation of botanical experts by hiring students to live on and work the farm. 

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The farm is now in full swing. The vegetables are well on their way (the farm staff has already begun to harvest several different types of leafy greens and sugar snap peas), the herbs are growing like weeds, and the flowers (both annuals and perennials) are just about to bloom into their full (and colorful) glory. 

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If you are planning the menu for your next event, whether it be a back yard BBQ for a bridal shower or your rehearsal dinner, skip the big chain grocery store and consider purchasing your produce from Ryder Farm. From brussel sprouts to dragon kale, there's something to please everyone's palette. 

If it's flowers you're in the market for, have Betsey create the centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres for your wedding. Betsey was able to pull together a stunning bouquet while meandering through the farm, even though the majority of the flowers were not quite in bloom yet. She can also create dried bouquets and do potted plants as centerpieces.

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Betsey harvesting some pretty flowers for a sample bouquet.

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If you would like to enlist Betsey to bring some garden beauties into your event, call (845) 279-4161 or visit for more info.  You can also find Betsey and the Ryder Farm at the Brewster Farmers Market and the Union Square Green Market in Manhattan.

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  1. I love the idea of using local produce and flowers for celebrations! Think globally- but buy locally!
    Thanks Lizzie