Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Dutchess Buzz

Having your wedding in Dutchess County? Need some ideas for things to do for your out-of-town guests during wedding downtime?

Visit The Dutchess Buzz for up-to-date event calendars for all of the great happenings in Dutchess County! From the local farmers markets to antique car shows, you are sure to find some great things to do to share with your guests!

Maybe you are looking for bachelor/bachelorette party ideas, consult The Dutchess Buzz for upcoming concerts, open mic nights, poker tournaments, and art exhibits. Who needs Manhattan when everything you could ever want is in Dutchess? 

new_york_dutchess_county_tshirt-p235325945398341152q6wh_400.jpg (400×400)
Oh yes, you can actually buy this shirt.

Have an event that you would like to post on The Dutchess Buzz, visit the site here.

Download The Dutchess Buzz app for your iphone or andriod and always be in the know!

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