Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eco-friendly, Budget-friendly Centerpieces!

Centerpieces can really do wonders in helping to set the tone of your event.  And the most amazing thing about centerpieces is that there are no rules. I once used a trio of fire extinguishers and some red napkins as a centerpiece for a fire-themed party (yeah, I'm that cool)

And although my fire extinguisher centerpiece was pretty awesome, my favorite centerpieces are ones that involve house plants, succulents, or basically anything that I can eat. Traditional flower centerpieces can be truly stunning; however, most conventionally-grown cut flowers are grown using myriad pesticides and herbicides with little concern regarding their impact on the environment or the workers who apply them. 

Organically grown flowers are now available from companies like Organic Bouquet or from local farms such as Ryder Farm in Brewster, NY (Putnam County) but they can be pricey.  And for those of you trying to stick to a budget while planning your event, organic flowers might not be an option. 

Want to show you're green and save some green at the same time?  Consider using some locally grown house plants, succulents, or produce as a centerpiece that will be sure to wow your guests. 

(c) Hudson Valley Green

Simple house plants work great as low-key centerpieces, plus they double as favors. This photo is actually from my own wedding and I can't tell you how many of my friends and family tell me how great their plants are doing.  I have managed to keep a few of our wedding plants alive and well and it delights me to watch them grow over the years.  I think it's a great metaphor for my love for Mr. HVG - after three great years, our love keeps growing....just like our wedding plants.  And yes, that's totally corny, I know. 

House plants can also actually help improve indoor air quality so the house plant is a gift that keeps on giving! I also have a thing for house plants (and tote bags and travel mugs - they are my weaknesses) which might explain my enthusiasm for them. 

Here are some other great ideas for centerpieces...enjoy!


Love this simple idea from Rachael Ray's Everyday! magazine!

(c) Rachael Ray Everyday!

(c) Red Gallery Photography
Although citrus fruits are not locally grown here in the Hudson Valley,
this one was too pretty to pass up!

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