Thursday, November 1, 2012


We did it! We've made it to 20,000 pageviews! 

Many thanks to all of you wonderful readers who helped us pass this milestone! 

No, I did not set off fireworks in my backyard to celebrate but that would have been awesome.
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Although 20,000 pageviews, by all other standards, might not seem like all that much, it is a huge number to me. From lowly beginnings in February 2011 - where readership consisted largely of just Mr. HVG and my mom - to a whopping 20,000 seems a bit unreal to me. I had expected to surpass the 20,000 benchmark by the end of the year but it has come two months early and that, my friends, is exciting news to me. 

So now I will pour myself a little gin 'n tonic as a celebratory drink and make a toast to myself, you, and my friends and family who have supported me in this blogging endeavor! 

Happy Planning, 

p.s. To celebrate our 20,000 pageview milestone, we'll be doing another giveaway!
Check back in a day or two for details!

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