Saturday, August 30, 2014

And summer comes to a close....

Why, hello there! Summer has flown by, most especially in terms of summer blooms and blossoms. Tracking the progress of my flower garden, I see the ebb and flow of the flowers....the purple cone flowers and black-eyed susans took center stage after the lilies had faded away. Now my sunflowers are slowly coming awake. Recently, I picked some Queen Anne's lace as it thrives in all areas wild and untamed and brings a very lovely and delicate beauty to any room....a favorite of mine for charming (and free!) bouquets.

(c) Hudson Valley Green 

If you happen to be in the market for floral centerpieces or bouquets for your wedding or other event, consider supporting a local flower farm. There are several in the Hudson Valley and surrounding vicinity. Purchasing flowers grown locally dramatically reduces the environmental impact of cut flowers. And many of the flower farms in the area are organic or use less pesticides that conventionally grown flowers. For a quick read on the true environmental cost of conventional cut flowers, read this 2012 Huffington Post article.

Some flower farms right here in New York:

41 Kaye Road, Millerton (Dutchess Co.)
 (518) 567-1951

Ryder Farm 
400 Starr Ridge Road, Brewster (Putnam Co.)
 (845) 279-4161

High Meadow Flower Farm 
91 Bittersweet Way, Warwick (Orange Co.)
(845) 986-3652

Silverpetals Farm
Gallatin (Columbia Co.)

I guarantee that flowers from these farms would be like no others you would get from a traditional think global and shop local for flowers for your next event! 

 ...Or just pick a bunch of free Queen Anne's lace from a sleepy roadside and
 place them in some upcycled glass jars...easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Happy Planning, 

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