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It's been far too long since I've last posted. Life has been a bit crazy with work, grad school, enjoying autumn, and some big news that I'll share with you a bit later. But more on Goodebox...

(c) Hudson Valley Green

I had signed up for a Goodebox subscription and recently received my first Goodebox package. If you aren't familiar with Goodebox, the company curates monthly collections of environmentally friendly beauty and health products. The good people at Goodebox do all of the legwork in finding great products that are amazing alternatives to conventional cosmetics. They then package them up in some tissue paper and a cardboard box (both of which can be reused for your future care packages!) and send them to your home....viola!

In the September Goodebox, I received both trial size and full size products. I am lucky enough to live near an Origins store which gladly accepts my empty cosmetic containers and recycles them at a facility on Long I don't worry too much about generating waste from the small containers' plastic. 

Some of the products included in September's package....

(c) Hudson Valley Green

(c) Hudson Valley Green

I really loved the majority of the products in the Goodebox...any products that didn't appeal to me, I quickly passed along to friends. Each product has its own info card which details instructions, ingredients, and price for full-sized bottles. Speaking of full size, the majority of products in the Goodebox were trial sizes but sometimes full-sized products are included as well, like this SquareHue nail polish.

(c) Hudson Valley Green

Because the Goodebox subscription is $18/month, including shipping, I opted for the bimonthly subscription. For your bridesmaids who enjoy great beauty products but who are also eco-conscious, this might be a great gift...a package of fun surprises delivered right to their doorstep! 

For more information, please visit

Happy Planning, 

p.s. This post was not sponsored by Goodebox....I just thought I would pass along some information about a great service! 

p.s.s. Apologies for the poor lighting in these photos!

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