Thursday, September 22, 2016

Welcome Fall!

Autumn is officially here and with that, fall wedding season is upon us. Mr. HVG and I were married in October seven years ago so fall weddings really have a special place in my heart. 

Fun fact: Mr. HVG and I are attending a wedding at the same venue where we got married on the same weekend we did! It will be great to go back to Harbor Links in Port Washington (Long Island) and get to enjoy the venue as a guest rather than the host. 

Another fun fact: For our wedding, we incorporated houseplants into our centerpieces and used Ikea planters to pot the plants in. The pots were $0.79 each and were very similar to these (which are still only $0.79 each, even seven years later!). I still use the small planters all over our home - from toothbrush holders in the bathroom to silverware holders during dinner parties.

(c) HVG
Ikea pots and houseplants plus a white taper candle made for a really easy and affordable centerpiece.
Guests loved taking the centerpieces home! 

My wedding took place in the pre-Pinterest age (thank goodness!) and while the centerpieces may not have been Instagram-worthy, they were easy and un-fussy. And it's great to visit the homes of family and friends who have nurtured those little houseplants to be green monsters today!

If you are lucky enough to live near an Ikea and are in need of some wedding decor inspiration, then you are in luck! Just check out this BuzzFeed post and get yourself to Ikea for affordable wedding decor. 

Happy Planning, 

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