Thursday, August 18, 2016

An Official Officiant!

Back in June, my wonderful friends "A" & "S" were married at the beautiful Pine Manor College just outside of Boston. They had asked me to officiate the wedding several months earlier which was a happy surprise and an enormous honor. I blogged about my officiant journey here and here

After receiving my certificate from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I got to work on preparing the wedding ceremony. I found a comprehensive version online, marked it up with my edits and revisions, and then sent it to A & S for their input. After a few rounds of editing, the ceremony script was completed. I then printed the script, formatting it to fit into this white journal. The journal was a nice touch as I didn't want to be fumbling with sheets of paper during the ceremony. 

I memorized the first portion of the ceremony (and practiced countless times in the mirror beforehand!) and then relied on the script in the journal for the remainder. The ceremony went so incredibly well. It was simple, yet personal, with a touch of formality and elegance. I did get a bit teary-eyed as A walked down the aisle...she was beautiful, beaming in fact. Plus, she's got the best apple cheeks I've ever seen. 

(c) HVG
....A donning her dancing shoes.

A and I have been friends for 30 years, after meeting in dance class at the age of three. She is my oldest friend. I have grown up with her and I will grow old with her. And there's nothing better than seeing her start a new chapter of life with S together. Many thanks to A & S for allowing me to participate in their wedding and for allowing me to document my journey here on HVG. 

(c) HVG

Here's to you, A & S! Wishing you many,
many years of love and laughter together.
May life bless you with few tears and
lots of hugs, kisses, and adventures! 

Happy Planning, 

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